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Professional and Research Focus / Professionell und Forschungsschwerpunkt

Industry collaborative workshops;
Learning content;
University lecturing: postgraduate studies;
Fields of interest: Systems thinking and Applied Linguistics - Transdisciplinarity research themes

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Gemeinsame Workshops Industrie;
Hochschullektor: Postgraduierte studien;
Forschungsgebiete von Interesse:
Systemdenken und Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften -
Transdisziplinarität Forschungsthemen

Doctoral Candidate / Doktorand

Doctor of Professional Studies (by publication) 2016-2022
University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Systems thinking and Applied Linguistics: Transdisciplinarity research themes

Doktor der Professionellen Studien (durch Veröffentlichung) 2016-2022
Universität von Southern Queensland, Australien

Systemdenken und Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften:
Transdisziplinarität Forschungsthemen

Our commitment:

Infoprojekt Consulting delivers services that help identify gaps and encourage continuous improvement initiatives across the organisation's business environment. We make valued assessments of the programs and projects that are assigned to us. This is achieved by negotiating and selecting programs and projects that champion sustainable business improvement and training.

To assist in identifying and implementing the right course of action, Infoprojekt Consulting has developed a business reference model (SCRAM: sustainable-customer-retention-and-acquisition-model) that supports current integrated management systems (IMS) methodology. This includes quality, business continuity (enterprise risk), environment and OHS management systems that comply with Australian and international standards and regulations. Only relevant and specific tools and techniques are assigned to programs or projects.  

Each system is governed by project management principles and practices. The results will allow your organisation to:

  • evaluate current systems, processes and procedures
  • implement and manage recommendations
  • comply with Australian and international regulations and standards
  • continually improve performance
Accredited industry trainerComplianceISO Management Systems
Lean towards continuous improvement
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