IMS - Integrated management systems


SCRAM® will undertake a gap analysis in determining needs across the project’s
life cycle.

Target Audience: A number of interested parties would benefit from their engagement:

  • senior management
  • middle management
  • project teams
  • cross functional teams
  • departmental teams
  • line management
  • and other parties that represent the interests of the organisation

Deliverables: The necessary strategy is selected, orchestrated and evaluated. The results will
allow the organisation to:

  • improve current systems, processes and procedures
  • implement recommendations and
  • orchestrate a PM model of governance

Content & reporting: All communication, data and feedback is documented and recorded. SCRAM® maintains a position of compliance with industry and government systems, codes, regulations and practices. An active stance of ‘continual learning’ is adopted to ensure currency and timeliness in the services and the products that SCRAM® delivers to its customers.

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