Sustainable Business ImprovementSustainable Business Improvement

Sustainable Business Improvement

Evaluating your organisation’s current human and system resources, processes, tools and procedures is essential for sustaining business in tomorrow’s economic climate. A needs or gap analysis helps in understanding and evaluating areas for improvement. The framework and methodology used for undertaking this is supported by SCRAM®

SCRAM® is driven by a business reference model (Sustainable Customer Retention & Acquisition Model) which supports current integrated management systems (IMS) methodology. This includes quality, risk, environment and OHS management systems that comply with Australian and international standards and regulations.

Each system is governed by project management principles and practices. The results will allow your organisation to:

  • evaluate current systems, processes and procedures
  • implement and manage recommendations
  • comply with Australian and international regulations and standards
  • continually improve performance

Sustainable Business Improvement Sustainable Business Improvement

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